Born in Cape Town, South Africa in August 1966, I am the eldest of three brothers and one sister. In July 1978, at the age of 11.5 years, I immigrated to Israel (what does that make me today, 28, 29)? Our home is situated in the Galilee, on a beautiful hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from Acre, Haifa and as far north as Rosh Hanikra.

                                                            Me with singer Captain Hollywood

From a very young age I showed a particular love of animals and have spent my entire life raising, caring for and taking interest in various pets.
During the years in South Africa, I owned a cat, dogs, fish, hamsters and fowls. Since I moved to Israel, I have had a dog, fish and even a female donkey! I bought Dinky, my donkey, when I was in high school, from a Bedouin family, who lived nearby our home. I became very friendly with the family and still visit them all today.

My dog Socks in his later years.

In the village next to ours, there lived a male donkey. You can of course imagine the consequences! He visited our village far too often, causing Dinky to break loose and my mother running after her through the flowerbeds! Dinky gave birth to a beautiful foal on our back lawn, to which all the children in our little village gathered round to watch. Here is a picture of the birth: Unfortunately, after finishing high school, I left my village to do all sorts of things, and so had no choice but to give Dinky and Dolly away.

Dinky giving birth to Dolly.

I possess a strong personality trait that whatever I choose to do, I invest so much enthusiasm and energy and set myself perfection standards, leaving no time for other pursuits. At one stage, I wanted to be a Vet, but the thought of being set in a study framework for so many years frightened me somewhat, so a few years ago, I settled for a two-year correspondence course in Animal Science, receiving a Diploma which also allows me to work as an assistant vet. On the pet side, I have also raised Show Budgerigars and Show Pigeons and am a member of the Fancy Pigeon Breeders Club in Israel. I am still breeding White Old Dutch Cappuchines and Satinettes. Due to many thefts, particularly of the budgies, I had to stop breeding budgerigars. I previously served as Secretary of the Show Budgerigar Club during show time.

One of my favourite pastimes since about late 1983, has been music. Unfortunately, I do not play any musical instrument, although at age 7, I studied the piano. Since I was not a very good musical pupil, my teacher used to pinch my cheeks every time I made a mistake, which was far too often! Needless to say, that ended my piano lessons very quickly. In high school I wanted to play the drums, but I guess my parents thought there was enough noise in the house with my stereo blaring, they didn’t need to add to it. I even dreamed of becoming a famous singer. This dream is never likely to happen! Of all these dreams I’ve just managed to play on everyone’s nerves!

After a bit of studying, a bit of working and after a stint of touring overseas as is customary with the youth of today, I chose to study Sound Engineering and today I’m a Certified Sound Technician. Since I believe that to be a good sound technician, one must have a sharp musical ear, and since my hearing in one ear is not as perfect as it should be, I was not prepared to work in this field. Just another example of my perfectionist personality!

In 1983 and 1984, after hearing hits by Paul Young and then Cyndi Lauper, I became engrossed in music and for years I would write down the UK and Israeli Top 20 Hit Parades every week. I got to know all the hits and got to like so much of the 80’s and 90’s music. Basically, I like very mainstream, chart pop music mainly from England, nothing too heavy, but my taste does vary. I like New Order, OMD, Depeche Mode, Thompson Twins, Kim Wilde, Howard Jones, Pet Shop Boys etc. I like new music as well, but then again only mainstream pop. My room is full of records, tapes and CD’s. But, Paul Young and Cyndi Lauper remain my favourites and I remain their faithful fan! Check out their websites:


Maybe had I listened to my mother, I could have saved myself years of searching for a career. She still believes I have some talent in design and a special intuitive feel for colour. I’m not convinced, but I did think it worth a try at doing a computer graphics course and was accepted to such a course. To my surprise, I really enjoyed the creative side and here again, invested many hours and much money in the final project I submitted. And what subject did I choose? My whole project was on Bedlington Terriers and the fictitious Bedlington Terrier Club of Israel which I founded! That was all before I even bought my Bedlingtons.

To those who believe in Astrology – I don’t really – it is written that those born under the sign Virgo, are precise, critical, honest and seeking justice. Virgo is disciplined, not flexible, obstinate and an efficient worker. In my personal astrological analysis, I am supposedly creative with an artistic flair and a feel for design. Well, with this short resume of my life, the reader can decide wherein lieth the truth! What is not written is that I have a sense of humour and suffer from lack of self-confidence. Maybe you have already noticed that!

Recognise me?


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