Well, after surfing numerous websites and corresponding with different breeders around the world, I contacted Malin Byberg of Isotop’s Kennel in Sweden. One of their bitches, Swedish Champion Isotop’s Salome, had given birth to a litter on January 5, 2003. The father of these puppies is Swedish Champion Toolbox Dalton. This litter seemed to be of really good quality and after being DNA tested for Copper Toxicosis and being found DNA 1-1 a-a clear, and after me asking many questions and much deliberation, I gave my final answer and decided to travel to Sweden to buy Isotop’s Felicia.

So Felly became my first puppy bitch, but since Israel did not have any Bedlingtons, and since I wasn’t sure if and when I’d manage to travel again to buy another pup, I thought it made more sense to invest in a male puppy at the same time.

On January 27, 2003, Toolbox Kennel’s bitch, Wild Thing “Sara” had a litter. The father was Champion Isotop’s Battery “Skalman”. This whole litter was DNA tested and the only male in the litter, Toolbox Freestyler, tested DNA 1-1 a-a clear. As Freestyler started developing and looking really good, I made my final decision and bought him as well.

In early June 2003, I flew to Sweden to meet the breeders and to bring Felly and Styler home with me to Israel. I was kindly hosted in Sweden for two weeks at the home of Malin Byberg, Roger and their two children Patricia and Kevin. I had such a great time there and can’t thank them enough for their kindness, their help and their guidance. I enjoyed playing with the children even if I couldn’t understand most of what Kevin said to me! A big thank you to Eva too, for all her help explaining and grooming and showing Styler, and of course to Ann-Marie Byberg for being my “taxi driver” and shlepping me around, to shows, to shops and not to mention to your home for dinners. Very tasty dinners! Thanks to Hans-Ivar too, for making such good food. Thank you all for having me. I’d love to be back in Sweden one day. Remember, you are all welcome and invited to visit me too!

Roger, Kevin and Patricia with me.

Hans-Ivar, Ann-Marie, Roger, Patricia and Kevin.

During my two-week stay in Sweden, I attended three dog shows, where at two of them, my puppies were shown for the first time. They did so well in both shows. Toolbox Freestyler “Styler” was Best of Breed Puppy, got a quality 1 and an Honour Prize. Isotop’s Felicia “Felly”, was Best Opposite Sex Puppy, also classified a Quality 1 and won an Honour Prize as well. At the second show, Styler was Best In Show No. 4 Puppy. I was so proud of them for doing so well.

It was my pleasure to meet Lise-Lotte Nilsson of Velvety Kennels and Bente Hasson, who owns some of Velvety ‘s dogs. These two ladies were so nice and friendly and gave me some good tips concerning my puppies. Thanks Lisa and Bente for everything, for taking me out in Stockholm and for your kind compliments about my puppies.

I also had the honour and pleasure of meeting the President of the Scandinavian Bedlington Terrier Club, Örjan Bohman, and his wife Karin. Thanks to both of you for your help and information about Bedlingtons and for the videos and booklets you sent me. It is much appreciated.

Well, all good holidays come to an end. Both Felly and Styler travelled with me back to Israel. They were very well behaved. Immediately on arrival, they made themselves at home and have acclimatized very well.

Both Bedlingtons are so different in nature. Felly is very alert, fast and never relaxed. She hears everything and even when asleep, seems to see my movements. It seems like one eye is always watching what’s going on. Both puppies tend to follow me wherever I go, and if they’re asleep and I quietly sneak out, Felly always notices it and wakes up. She is such fun to watch. She loves barking at almost anything and even at nothing! Styler sort of says to himself, “what the hell is she barking at again!” Felly is always playful and hyperactive and drives poor Styler mad. She really tires him out. She is forever chasing him and playing rather roughly with him. That is probably one of the reasons that she is still rather thin and a little under-developed. She loses all her calories running around. Felly has a real foot fetish! Whenever I take off my shoes and socks, she straight away comes along to lick my feet all over (ooh, how disgusting)!

To see Felly’s Pedigree,

Styler on the other hand, is much more placid than Felly. He likes to be around me all the time, sit on my and my parent’s laps and just cuddle up. He has put on rather a lot of weight since arriving in Israel and is taller and heavier than Felly. He is a bit on the lazy side as well. He is so funny when he sits down on a step. He puts his two front feet and sometimes all four feet on the step below and sits on the step above – just like a person! He always sleeps on my bed together with Felly, spreading out across my bed and pushing me to the very edge. Styler usually sleeps with his head on the pillow and once he’s laid down, he doesn’t budge. If I happen to be lying down first, he comes right to my head, and simply drops himself on top of me and rolls over! I have to drag him in order to move him a bit. It is just so funny to see. He is such a good little dog. Being a bit younger than Felly, Styler is my baby and he always runs to me when Felly gets a bit too wild with him.

To see Styler's Pedigree,

Although different in nature, there is one interesting phenomena about them both. When they lay down to sleep, they always seem to lie either in perfect mirror form or in parallel! It is incredible to see. They make the same movements and what the one does, the other one copies! They are very attached to one another and when I took Felly out one day and left Styler at home, he paced the whole house looking for her. He never relaxed until she came home.

My biggest problem at the moment, is unfortunately the grooming. I do not yet have enough practice or confidence to do this myself, and there is no one in Israel who can do it properly. It would be done the European way – show grooming that is. I have brought home instructions and videos on how to groom, but so far we haven’t got it quite right. Well, I would welcome any Bedlington people who decide to visit Israel, to look us up and maybe do some grooming?!

I am so happy that I have adopted these two gorgeous “babies”. I couldn’t have dreamed for anything better. All I can say, is Thank You so much Malin and Ann-Marie Byberg of Isotop’s Kennel and Thank You Eva Byberg of Toolbox Kennel for these beautiful angels you sold me and for the hours of pleasure I enjoy with them.

Felly and Styler
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