NEWS 2003

December 26, 2003
Styler's Big Day! The final Terrier Club Show was held in Southern Israel, at Lehavim, near Beer Sheva. The judge was Mrs. Agnes Kertes Ganami from Israel. She showed a lot of interest in Felly and Styler. She was very impressed and gave me very positive feedback. Toolbox Freestyler "Styler" was BOB and Isotop's Felicia "Felly" was BOS. Afterwards Styler competed against the other Terrier Breed Juniors and won BIS Junior. What a great way to end the year 2003.

Styler BIS-junior at the Terrier Club Show in Lehavim on De 26, 2003

December 20, 2003
Excellent again! Felly and Styler participated in the Terrier Club Show today. Toolbox Freestyler "Styler" won BOB and Isotop's Felicia "Felly" was BOS. Both of them got an Excellent mark and the judge's critics were rather good although not always too clear. Generally we had a great day but very tiring. By the way, at the International Dog Show that took place in October 2003, both Felly & Styler got an Excellent mark as well. Unforetunately, no CC's for them, since in Israel, dogs can only get CC's after they turn 15 months old. What a pitty!

September 19, 2003
Friday 19th September 2003, there was the Israeli Terrier Club Show at Givat Haim MeUhad in Israel. This was my puppies first show to go to in Israel. Unfortunately, I couldn't take Felly since she is now on heat but I took "Styler" Toolbox Freestyler. Of course the last show they went to was when I was in Sweden. Well, of course, he was the only Bedlington and was BOB puppy, he then competed against all the Terrier Breed puppies and he came second Best In Show-puppy. I was really happy of course. The speaker also mentioned with microphone that this is the first time a Bedlington Terrier has been shown in Israel. The Judge was Mr. Igor Selimovic from Croatia.

The critics he wrote on certificate: "8 month old. Good Format, good head proportion, Ear well setting and carried, excellent topline, good angulation, enough quick in action, good coat quality. Very Promising."

September 08, 2003
Felly reaches maturity! At 8 months old, Isotop's Felicia has come into her first heat. Driving Styler crazy. Her appetite has definitely grown but she is still as active and agile as usual.

August 27, 2003
Toolbox Freestyler “Styler”, matures! At the age of 7 months, little Styler lifts his leg! Until now, he has just squatted when urinating. About 2 weeks previously, he lifted his leg just once. Now he doesn’t miss a tree, bush or pole. What a big boy! Maybe not important news to some, but for me it’s an exciting event – just like when one’s baby takes his first steps.

I'm a big boy now!!!

August 25–26, 2003
My website starts running! Finally I have my own website, just in time for my birthday. What a great present! Thanks to the Webmaster, Malin Byberg, for her patience and for the wonderful job she’s done. At this point, I’d like to thank all those who have given me permission to use their pictures and animations on my site. It is much appreciated.

June 19, 2003
Return home with two new children! Felly and Styler accompany me back home to Israel. Finally the Bedlington Terrier has reached Israel and people here can now get to see and enjoy this wonderful breed. From day one Felly and Styler have made themselves at home. Welcome Felly and Styler!

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