NEWS 2004

December 22, 2004
Dear Friends and Family and Bedlingtons worldwide,
Season's Greetings to all of you and best wishes for the coming year - 2005!!
Please make a special note of my new website address:
Hope to hear from you all soon.
Best Regards,
Hessel Zegal & Bedlingtons - Felly & Styler.

December 04, 2004
A wonderful end to year 2004!
The last Terrier Club Show of the year took place on Saturday afternoon, at Giv'at Haim Me'uchad in Israel. Felly and Styler looked and behaved beautifully. They both got excellent marks and good critics, but Felly outdid Styler. She was chosen BOB, Styler BOS, and Felly went on to the main ring to win BIS 2! For those of you who always rated Styler best, never underestimate a female! This winds up our really exciting and successful year. I think congratulations are due to Malin, whom I can't thank enough, to Isotop's and Toolbox Kennels for breeding my beautiful babies, and to Gregory our groomer, who is always there to help at irregular hours, and whose grooming skills are most professional.
Hopefully by next year, I will have my own kennel name registered. Felly and Styler will be two years old in January, and I plan to start breeding soon after.
So, wait for 2005 - here we come! Watch the news for Felly and Stylers' offspring!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our friends.

October 23, 2004
An International Dog Show, Ma’ayan Harod, Israel! Along come Felly and Styler, beautifully groomed, ready to conquer all. While practising their pose, along came a bee and stung Styler’s toes! Poor Styler –to the vet he went, who removed the sting and gave him a shot to further problems prevent! When the time arrived to enter the ring, he tiptoed around, but sadly his foot wouldn’t touch the ground. Still, Styler is good and an “excellent” he won, as well as his second CACIB.

Felly of course, was Best of Breed – a real queen indeed! She too got her second CACIB and went in the main Terrier Group ring to compete. Group Judge of the day was Marit Sunde who came from Norway. Of all the best terriers that day on show, Champion Isotop’s Felicia she chose Best Of Group 1 - What a day of real fun!

But in the final ring for Best In Show She never reached 1, 2 or 3. But still to me she’s best of all and so will always be.

The Top 3 Dogs in the Group

September 3-4, 2004
Two Terrier Club Shows in one weekend!
On Friday 3rd, Styler got an Excellent mark, won his second CAC, won BOB and later won Best In Show 3.
On Saturday 4th of September, Styler got Excellent again, BOB and won his third CAC.
Toolbox Freestyler is now an Israeli Champion.

Styler - Israeli Champion

July 10, 2004
Felly's Day! At the Terrier Club Show today in Israel, Felly and Styler both got Excellent marks, but Felly overtook Styler this time and won B.O.B. Styler was B.O.S. Isotop's Felicia "Felly" also got her third CAC, which now makes her an Israeli Champion. Another Champion for Isotop's Kennel. Isr. Ch. Isotop's Felicia - sounds good on her CV!

Felly - Israeli Champion

May 8, 2004
Styler and Felly continue on the ladder to sucess!
Today we went to an International Dog Show at Ma'ayan Harod in Israel. Both Toolbox Freestyler "Styler" and Isotop's Felicia "Felly", got Excellent marks. They got their first CACIB's, Felly got her second CAC and Styler got his first CAC. Styler won B.O.B and Felly won B.O.S. The Breed Judge was Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher from Germany. Afterwards, Styler won BIG 3. Group Judge was Dr. Damir Skok from Croatia. We all had a great day!

Styler BIG 3

April 10, 2004
Felly's Great Day! Continuing Felly & Styler's success in the showrings in 2003, Felly did it again today at her first show for 2004. At The Terrier Club Show in Kefar Hess in Israel, Isotop's Felicia, "Felly", won her first CAC, got an "Excellent" mark again & then went on to win BIS 2 . What a day!

Felly BIS 2

January 27, 2004
Happy Birthday Styler! A few weeks after Felly turned 1 year old, it's now Styler's 1st Birthday. He may be 1 today but he's still my little baby and very lovable and cuddly.

January 5, 2004
Felly - 1 year old today! What a big day for Felly and she was as usual in a very excited but mischiefous mood. It was actually a very mixed feelings day for us all. The Birthday was the happy part but unfortunately and sadly, a very good doggy friend of Felly and Styler, went missing on the day of Felly's birthday. The doggy friend is a very cute and friendly Terrier mix by the name of Nafthali. Just the day before he dissappeared, he came to our house to play a bit with Felly & Styler. I was so sad to hear about this bad news since Nafthali is not a dog that goes too far from his home. He is very much a home dog and very attached to his owners, that are totally heartbroken. I hope Nafthali is well and I truly hope he will return or be returned to his owners that are really missing him. At this opportunity, I would like to ask all Israeli visitors to my site that live in my area to please keep an eye open for Nafthali and if by any chance you see or know of his whereabouts to please let me know as soon as possible. He needs his family and they need him.

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