NEWS 2007

December 7, 2007
Solly wins his first CAC! At a Terrier Club Show at Givat Haim Meuchad, HolyLamb's Body And Soul, wins BOB and gets his first CAC. Congratulations to Solly's owners, Nina and gidon Pilarski.
Solly's mother, Ch. Isotop's Felicia won BOS. 

October 6-7, 2007
Romania, Here we come! We took part in two CACIB Shows on the 6th of October, which was also considered a Transylvanian Winner Cup Show, and on the 7th Of October which was also an Open Romanian Show, in Arad Romania. It was a lovely experience, and although did not see that much of Romania, we did get to drive from Bucharest to Arad which took us over 11 hours, so we saw a lot of the countryside as well. Well, by the time we got to Arad, we were totally exhausted. Ch. Isotop's Felicia, Felly, got Excellent 1 on both days, won Best Of Breed, got great critics, won both CAC and CACIB on both days, and became a Romanian Champion and a Transylvanian Winner. I am so proud of Felly for her extra title.
The judge on the 06/10/07 was Mr. Stelios Makaritis from Greece. On the 07/10/07, the judge was Mr. Tamas Jakel from Hungary.

September 8, 2007
Solly wins BOB! At an International Dog Show at Maayan Harod in Israel,on September 8, 2007, HolyLamb's Body And Soul "Solly" won Best Of Breed , and his litter sister, HolyLamb's Bridge To Your Heart "Bitsy" won Best Opposite Sex. Both these young Juniors did really well and both got Excellent Critics from the Argentinian Judge, Mr. Enrique Filippini. I couldn't ask for better critics. Alway good to see ones own breeding doing so well.
In the final ring, unfortunately Solly was not picked as top 3 in the Terrier Group, but was chosen in the top 6 cut.

August, 2007
New Swedish Import to HolyLamb kennel!
This month, we are happy to annouce our new addition to our Bedlington family. This is our new import from Sweden. Well, this lovely blue girl is not a real Bedlington, but a beautiful soft toy Bedlington, outstandingly made by Patricia Eriksson. Patricia is only 12 years old, but is so talented. Besides the toy Bedlingtons she makes so well, she is also a very talented Juniorhandler. Thanks Patricia for our new import.
Please check out Patricia's website: Patricia's Juniorhandling

August 16, 2007
TV Stars again! We appeared on a famous TV programme on the famous and popular Channel 2 in Israel. Channel 2 of Israeli television has a "Stand Up" comedy with Adi Ashkenazi called "What's all this nonsence?!". This week she had a programme with dogs. Of course not all the dogs were mine, but we did make a small appearance as well, especially a barking appearance.
I must admit it was a lot of fun! And I enjoyed watching the programme. If you check out the link below, you can see just a wee bit of the programme, the part at the show. I know those that do not read Hebrew, will certainly find it difficult to click on the right places. But I will try and help. Firstly, on the right hand side of the screen, at the top, there are a few places where one can click on. This programme is in it's 3rd season, so click on the place where you see a 3. Then there will be a few headings right below the 3, which is to choose the correct programme subject. Those that can read Hebrew, must click on the text that says "dogs". If you can't read Hebrew, look for the text on the right hand side of the thumbnails, with 5 Hebrew letters. There may be more than just one, but once you click on the correct one, you will see some of the thumbnails with dogs on them. Then you will know for sure that you have reached the correct programme. Now to find the parts, where I appear with the Bedlingtons, click on the thumbnail with the lady in the purple dress, which is Adi Ashkenazi. That is the one part.
I also appeared later a bit handling Dorit Dembin's Cairn Terrier, and clicking on another thumbnail on the right hand side of the screen, the thumbnail, where Adi is holding the dog, the Cairn Terrier, next to her head, will enable you to check that part out as well.
Check the link below, but be a little patient because it takes a while to open. Hope you all get to see it and enjoy! And please be patient because it may take a while, but I do really want to hear from those of you that don't know Hebrew, if you found the places alright and managed to see that part of the programme.

HolyLamb Bedlingtons on Adi Ashkenazi, Stand-Up Comedy, on Israel's Channel 2, August 16, 2007

July 1, 2007
The HolyLamb "B" Litter puppies turn ONE!
We held a birthday party for the pups at our home on Friday afternoon, June 29. It was the first time in 6.5 months that all pups and their parents were together, as well as their new owners.
The puppies bonded fantastically. We had a light lunch. Each dog got a marrow bone and a gift of a doggy tennis ball.
We did a doggy race and the overall winner was Solly! Solly ran against Bitsy in the finals, and only just beat her.
We hope you enjoy these few pictures. The dogs are not exactly in show groom.
Happy Birthday Bitsy, Solly and Cookie!

June 19, 2007
HolyLamb's Book Of Life (Cookie), moves to her new home! At the last International Dog Show held in May, a visiting family saw our Bedlingtons and fell instantly in love with Cookie. Who wouldn't! It was really difficult for us to let her go after being so much part of our lives for almost a year.
According to Genine and Rony BarEl and their kids, the new family, Cookie has adjusted very well in her new home. We miss her a lot.
Please visit Cookie's page on our site under HolyLambs in Other Homes.

June 2007
HolyLamb's website reached 10,000 visits! Thank you visitors all for your support and your comments.
Please keep visiting and watch the HolyLamb developments.

May 12, 2007
International Dog Show - Ma'ayan Harod! Spring is in the air and the bees are all around. And who do they like the most?! We had just arrived at the show grounds, when Styler got stung by a bee on his right front paw. Second time this has happened to poor Styler. He obviously has blue blood :)
We entered Felly, Styler and Solly. And there were two other Bedlingtons as well, not belonging to me. Well, all my 3 got Excellent marks and critics. Styler did limp a bit because of the bee sting, but in the ring, he managed to walk around really well and the judge at first didn't even realise that he was slightly limping.
Anyway, the Star of the day was HolyLamb's Body And Soul, "Solly". Even though he is still a junior, and the other Bedlingtons were all Champions already, Solly won BOB. Congratulations to Nina and Gidon Pilarski, Solly's proud owners. I am an extremely proud breeder, as well.
When the judge judged the Best Male class, she said that Ch. Toolbox Freestyler, "Styler", is an excellent dog, but Solly is really Excellent.
Ch. Isotop's Felicia, "Felly", won BOS.
Judge of the day was Ms. Rita Reyniers from Belgium.
In the main ring, I entered Felly and Styler in the Brace competition. There were really a lot of couples entered, and I am very proud to say that Felly and Styler won BIS 3 Brace.

May 7, 2007
Solly's TV Debut! Channel 2 of Israeli television has a programme called "Experts in Style". One of the items on this particular day, partly as an advertisement for the International Dog Show on Saturday the 12th, was to show the grooming and trimming specialities of a few different breeds.
There were about 7 breeds. Solly was presented last. Although his entry was a bit unsettled, he soon organised his pose for the camera and showed himself off exceptionally well! He likes the camera!
Check the link below, but be a little patient because it takes a while to open. Solly is only on for a few moments.

Solly's TV Debut on Israel's Channel 2, May 7, 2007

April 27, 2007
Show Time Again! Another Terrier Club Show was held in Tzofit, near Tel Aviv on Friday 27th. Ch. Isotop's Felicia got an excellent mark, won Best Bitch and became BOB.
Ch. Toolbox Freestyler won Best Dog and became BOS.
HolyLamb's Body And Soul also did very well and won BIS 2 Junior.
Felly and Styler entered the Brace Competition and won BIS Brace.
Judge of the day was Mrs. Chie Ejima from Japan. See pictures from the show, below.

Styler, BOS & Felly, BOB.

HolyLamb's Body And Soul winning BIS 2 Junior , BIS Brace with Felly and Styler.

March 2-3, 2007
Show Time! Two Terrier Club Shows were held in Givat Haim Meuchad on Friday and Saturday. Both on Friday and Saturday, Ch. Isotop's Felicia got an excellent mark and won BOB.
The puppies, now 8 months old, HolyLamb's Body And Soul (Solly) and HolyLamb's Bridge To Your Heart (Bitsy), both won their classes and got a very promising mark. On both days, HolyLamb's Body And Soul won Best Puppy of Breed. On the Friday, he won BIS3 puppy. On the Saturday, he was BIS4 puppy.
Congratulations to Solly's owners, Nina and Gidon Pilarski.

February, 2007
HolyLamb's Bridge To Your Heart (Bitsy), settles down in her new home! My Bitsy is living with my sister Caila Zegal and Omri Shaibi in Tel Aviv. They are so excited with their new "baby" and Bitsy couldn't be happier! She looks promising and is developing nicely. Hopefully she will prove herself in the show ring in the future. Thanks Caila and Omri for loving her as you do and looking after her so well.

International Champions at last! Finally, after a long wait, Ch. Isotop's Felicia (Felly) and Ch. Toolbox Freestyler (Styler), both officially received their International Beauty Champion certificates from the FCI.
Congratulations Felly and Styler on your new title.

January 26, 2007
First International Dog Show in Israel for year 2007! A great day for HolyLamb's kennel. Firstly, HolyLamb's Body And Soul won BOB puppy. He got excellent critics and walked like a pro! In the main ring, he was chosen BIS 4 puppy! Congratulations to Solly's new owners, Nina and Gidon Pilarski! Watch out for Solly's promising future.
Then, CH. Isotop's Felicia won BOB and CH. Toolbox Freestyler was runner up as BOS. CH. Isotop's Felicia went on to reach BOG 3 in the main ring!
Lastly, Felly and Styler entered the Brace Competition as a pair and won Best Couple in Show! I was very pleased to have had placings in the main ring in all categories that we entered.
I'm so proud of my beautiful Bedlingtons!

January 5, 2007
HolyLamb's Body And Soul, "Solly" finds a new home! A very sad day for me having to part with this delightful and very promising male pup. However, I am thankful to have found really loving owners who waited patiently until I was ready to let go! Solly is now happily adjusted and living with Nina and Gidon Pilarski in Holon, Israel. I will still be seeing Solly and maybe even handling him in some shows. Thank you to Nina and Gidon for keeping me regularly updated with Solly's progress.
Good luck for the years ahead.

HolyLamb's Body And Soul, "Solly".

New Year 2007
DNA Clear! All three HolyLamb pups were DNA tested in December 2006 by the Animal Health Trust in England, for Copper Toxicosis in Bedlington Terriers. I have received the official results proving that all three HolyLamb pups from Litter B are DNA 1-1 clear of the deletion in the gene COMMD1 known to cause copper toxicosis in this breed.
Good news for future breeding.

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