NEWS 2009

December 11, 2009
Styler wins Best Of Breed at a Terrier Club Show in Kfar Saba, Israel! Ch. Toolbox Freestyler, Styler, got an Excellent 1, won CW, Best Dog, got a G.CAC, and finally won Best Of Breed. Styler has not been shown in Israel at all this year and last shows he went to were in the USA in March 2009. So it was great showing Styler again. The critics were extremely good.  This is what the judge wrote: "7 years old,very beautiful type, very beautiful head and expression, very beautiful neck, back typical of breed, correct front and rear quaters, very good coat, excellent condition, very beautiful movement."
I don't think it can get much better than that:)
Judge was Mr. Walter Jungblut from Germany.
Also for the first time ever, Styler went in the Junior handlers ring with Yael Davidovitch, who handled him really well. Surprisingly, Styler walked rather well. Yael did a great job and won third place in Juniorhandling. Congratulations!

August 28, 2009
Solly wins Best Of Breed! At a Terrier Club Show, Israel, HolyLamb's Body And Soul, Solly got an Excellent, won CW, Best Dog, got a G.CAC, and finally won Best Of Breed. The critics were very short but interesting. The only sentence the judge wrote was: "Dog that makes honour to his breed."
Judge was Mr. Maurice Hermec from France.
Congratulations to the Pilarski Family for Solly's Excellent results.  I am a proud breeder once again.
Also thanks a lot to Paz Davidovitch who handled Solly so well.

May 9, 2009
Bitsy's beats her Champion brother for the very first time! At an International Dog Show in Afula, Israel, HolyLamb's Bridge To Your Heart, Bitsy got an Excellent, won CW, Best Bitch, got her 3rd CAC, got her 2nd CACIB, and finally won Best Of Breed. This was the first time she ever beat her brother, and it was a very pleasant surprise.
Isr. Ch. HolyLamb's Body And Soul, also won a CACIB, got an Excellent mark, got a G.CAC and won Best Opposite Sex.
Judge was Mr. Harry Tast from Finland.
Congratulations to Caila and Omri and the Pilarski Family for Bitsy and Solly's Excellent results.

Holylamb's Bridge To Your Heart - BOB Holylamb's Bridge To Your Heart - BOB

April 4, 2009
Bitsy's turn to win a CAC, while Solly went BOB! At a Terrier Club Show at Zsofit in Israel, Bitsy, HolyLamb's Bridge To Your Heart, won her class, became Best Bitch, won her second CAC, and became Best Opposite Sex. Congratulations Caila and Omri for your girls wins. Bitsy's litter brother, Ch. HolyLamb's Body And Soul, Solly, won Best Of Breed. He also got a G.CAC. Well Done to both Solly and Bitsy. Congratulations to Nina and Gidon Pilarski, Solly's owners.
Judge was Mr. Dusan Paunovic of Servia.

March 21, 2009
Last show for us in the USA! At the Edison NJ show, Styler won his class and won Winners Dog. Felly too, won her class and won after that Winners Bitch. Felly then won Best Of Winners. Both Felly and Styler got 2 Points at this show. Thanks to Lou for helping me out at this show. That was a great way to end our shows tour of the USA. Judge was Ms. Sandra Goose Allen (USA)

March 15, 2009
Another good day at Louisville! At the Louisville Kennel Club Show at Louisville KT, USA, Styler came once again 2nd place in Open Class Dogs. Felly, this time came 3rd place in her class. What I was very pleased about was that both Felly and Styler were placed in their classes everday, at every show and by every judge. And each day was a different judge. Judge of the day was Dr. H. Scott Kellogg (USA)

March 14, 2009
The Bedlington Terrier Club Of America's National Speciality! This was the Evansville Kennel Club Show. Both Felly and Styler did so well on this day. Even though they did not win points, I was extremely pleased with how they did, especially since this was the speciality. Both Felly and Styler came 2nd Place in their classes. Felly went on to Win Reserve Winners Bitch. What another great day. Again, glad the judge really liked my Bedlingtons and thanks again so much to Malin Eriksson for all her help. Judge was Mrs. Marjorie MacNally Hanson (USA).

Felly going Reserve Winners Bitch.Felly going Reserve Winners Bitch.

March 13, 2009
2nd USA show for us! This show was the Louisville Kennel Club show, in Louisville KT, USA. Even though we did not get 1st place in the classes, both Felly and Styler were placed in their classes. Felly came 2nd in her class. Styler came 4th in his class. Judge was Dr. Robert D. Smith (USA)

March 12, 2009
USA!! Here we come!! At our first show in the USA, we did alot better than I could have dreamed of. The show was the Mid-Kentucky Kennel Club Show, Louisville KT, USA. Toolbox Freestyler, Styler won his class, Open Class males, and became Winners Dog. Isotop's Felica, Felly, won Open Class Bitches and then became Winners Bitch.

Styler then won Best Of Winners. Both Felly and Styler won 5 Point Majors. Styler won over an impressive 12 Bedlington dogs, wheras Felly won over 23 Bedlington bitches. I am delighted we did so well at our first show ever in the USA. What a way to begin a holiday. I must thank Felly's breeder from Kennel Isotop's in Sweden, Malin Eriksson, so much for all her help grooming and handling my Bedlingtons. You did great! Judge was Mr. Stephen F. Hurt (USA)

Styler going Best Of Winners & Felly going Winners Bitch.

February 21, 2009
Cookie Wins her second CAC! At a Terrier Club Show in Ganei Tikva, HolyLamb's Book Of Life, Cookie, won Best Bitch, Class Winner, Best Of Breed. She got an Excellent and won her 2nd CAC. Judge was Mr. Joey Lim from Australia. Congratulations to Cookies owners, the Bar-El family from Safed.

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