Angels Blue Bedlingtons - USA

Ashcroft Bedlingtons - USA

Ausbed Bedlingtons - Australia

Bedlington-L on Yahoo Groups - Largest Discussion Group of Bedlingtons

Bedlington Pictures - England

Bisbee Bedlingtons - England

Blå Skuggans Bedlingtons - Sweden

Blue Feelings Kennel - Sweden

Borsali'nos Bedlingtons - Norway

Camerata Bedlingtons - Canada

Carillon Bedlingtons - USA

Casper & Grynet - Sweden

Celtic Odyssey Bedlingtons - France

Chablue Bedlingtons - Norway

Chelsea Blue Bedlingtons - USA

Colacoda Bedlingtons - Italy

Delta Blue Kennel - Sweden

Des Archanges d'Orphee - France

Dogs Island by Alice Varchi - Italy

Glaurieus Bedlingtons - USA

Honeymist Bedlingtons - Scotland

Miteymidgets Bedlingtons - England

Mushanga Bedlingtons - Poland

Notice Kennel - Sweden

Optimal Flex Kennel - Sweden

Sandon 'N' Oakhills Bedlingtons - USA

Sandy and Blue's Bedlingtons - Sweden

Skybar Bedlingtons - Sweden

Solo Rossii Bedlingtons - Russia

Symretoppen Bedlingtons - Norway

Top Crystal's Bedlingtons - Sweden

Velvety Bedlingtons - Sweden

Villabris Kennel - Norway

Wurroit Bedlingtons - Australia

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