NEWS 2016

December 4, 2016
Very sad day! With Great sadness my gentle,beautiful Bedlington boy, the foundation of my HolyLamb Kennel, Styler, passed away. The past year, Styler suffered from a brain tumour. Life is not fair for such a wonderful dog. 
Israel, Israel Grand, Israel Veteran, Cyprus, Bulgarian, Bulgarian Grand, Balkan and International Champion Toolbox Freestyler is no longer with us. How can life go on without you my beautiful Styler, just a month and a half short of his 14th birthday.   
Styler, we will miss you greatly. You are in my heart forever. Rest In Peace my boy <3

January 27, 2003  -  December 4, 2016     /     Rest In Peace my angel boyJanuary 27, 2003 - December 4, 2016 / Rest In Peace my angel boy

November 18, 2016
Felly gains a new Champion title! As of today, Ch. Isotop's Felicia is officially also an Israel Veteran Champion. Well Done Felly. 

October 21, 2016

After a long break from Dog Shows, Felly returns in a BIG way! At an International All Breed Dog Show that took place in Savyon, Israel, Ch. Isotop's Felicia aka Felly, was entered in the Veteran Class. She did wonderfully and was looking in great condition. She got Excellent and won CW, BB, VCAC, BV and Best Of Breed. The judge's critics were as follows: "14 years, excellent in type, very nice condition, excellent in expression, very nice in ear set, strong pigmentation, very nice in body, nice topline and tail set, excellent in coat, good movement." In main ring, Felly was chosen in the cut of 6 for the Best Terriers. And in main Veteran ring, she won the amazing Best In Show 3 Veteran, being beaten by two very strong veterans that came all the way from Denmark and Norway. Very proud of my old girl. This was the last time I had planned to show her, since she is almost 14 years old. (By far the oldest Veteran in the show). But she won in a BIG way. I hope Malin, her breeder, is looking over from above and smiling and so proud of Felly. This win is for you, Malin. 
Thank you to honourable judge, Mr. Hans Van Den Berg from the Netherlands for liking my old girl so much.

Felly winning Best In Show 3 Veteran at almost 14 years oldFelly winning Best In Show 3 Veteran at almost 14 years old

May 23, 2016 
Another Champion title for Styler! Styler becomes officially an Israel Veteran Champion. Well Done lovely boy.

May 21, 2016 
International CACIB Dog Show in Kanot, Israel! Three beautiful Bedlingtons came to this show all the way from Russia. These beautiful Bedlingtons are owned by Irina Kuklikova and Elena Dunaeva, The two girls are granddaughter and great granddaughter of my Felly and Styler. So I am still family. 
Multichampion, International Champion Princess Ester was entered in Champion Class. She got an Excellent, CW, BB, GCAC, CACIB and won BOS. She became Israel Champion as well. 
Breeder: Mira Moskalenko (Israel). Owner: Elena Dunaeva (Moscow).  Handled by Hessel Zegal.
Her daughter L'End Show Marfa Doch Marika,  aka Marfa, who is my Felly and Styler's great granddaughter won JCAC and JBOB. She became Israel Junior Champion. 
Breeder: Elena Pykhtar (St. Petersburg). Owner: Elena Dunaeva (Moscow).
Congratulations to all the breeders, owners, handlers and Bedlingtons involved. 
Thank you so much to the honourable judge, Robert Velez Pico from Puerto Rico, for the wonderful critics and loving our Bedlingtons so much. 

Gray, Ester and Marfa all became Champions of IsraelGray, Ester and Marfa all became Champions of Israel

March, 2016

England, London, Cotwolds, North East, Crufts and Longleat - Here I come!
As always, I had a great time in England this time as well. I was in London, as usual, tried to do different things this time. I also stayed a few days in the Cotswold's with Sue and Simon Currah, who showed me a bit around the amazing beautiful Cotswolds area. Went to the North East and stayed a bit at Derek and Eileen Lewis, and they too showed me around the North East. Also went with them and their Bedlington girls to Bedlington to take part in Billy's Bedlington walk, where there were about 50 dogs attending. Also met Colin Taylor who took me to Longleat Safari Park. I had a great time and holiday. Thank you so much to all my dear hosts and friends who were so kind to me. I always like coming back to England. Last but not least, I went to Crufts 2016, saw my friends and met new Bedlington and FB friends from England and around the World. Best Of Breed in Bedlingtons was Miteymidgets Going Global. So happy for Global, she even remembered me as I stayed at Yvonne and Roger in 2015. So Global gave me lots of Bedlington kisses then and at this show too. Reserve was Elena Pykhtar's Matvey. Congratulations and Well Done to Yvonne and Elena!  Hope to see you all again soon :)
Below are a few photos from my lovely time I had in England. More photos can be seen in my Photogallery pages. 

January 27, 2016
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Styler!  After Felly celebrated her birthday just a few weeks ago, now it is Styler's turn. Today my beautiful baby boy, Toolbox Freestyler aka Styler also turns 13 years old. He is such a gentle boy with such a huge heart. Thank you Eva Byberg from Toolbox Kennel in Sweden so much for this amazing boy and for trusting me with him.  Happy Birthday to Styler's two littersisters too! 
This is also a brand new photo of Styler taken by Denis Sabolic from Croatia.  

January 5, 2016
Happy Birthday to my dear Felly! Today, my lovely Felly aka Isotop's Felicia turns 13 years old. She is an absolute delight and I can't thank her dear breeders and my friends, Ann-Marie and Malin (may she R.I.P.)  from Isotop's kennel in Sweden, enough for this lovely Bedlington and for trusting me.  Felly and Styler are the best things that happened to me in my life. Happy Birthday also to Felly's litter sisters Fiona and Flora. Hope they are doing as well as Felly is.  I hope to have many more happy and healthy years together. 
This is a brand new photograph of my Felly. Photograph taken by Denis Sabolic from Croatia.



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