NEWS 2014

December 19, 2014
Both Felly and Styler got Excellents in International Dog Show in Veteran classes!  Ch. Toolbox Freestyler won VCAC and CW, and got great critics.  Ch. Isotop's Felicia also won CW and VCAC and got just as great critics. But this time, the lady won Best Veteran. They both were almost 12 years old and judge wrote for Styler that he is in top show condition at his age of 12, and he moves well. For Felly judge said amongst other things that she doesn't show her age of 12. 
In main ring, Felly, Ch. Isotop's Felicia won Best In Show 3 Veteran. 
Thanks so much to the judge of the day, Mr. Tamas Jakkel, from Hungary, for thinking so highly of my 2 beautiful Bedlingtons. 

September 20, 2014
We went to the Terrier Club Show today in Hod Hasharon! This was only the second show I went to this year. Ch. Toolbox Freestyler (Styler) was entered in Veteran Class Males. He got an Excellent, CW, BD, BV, VCAC and Best Of Opposite Sex. 
His daughter, HolyLamb's Book Of Life (Cookie) was entered into Open Class Females. This was Cookies first show in 5 years. Well, Cookie got an Excellent too, won CW, BB, her third CAC and won Best Of Breed.  What a wonderful win for Cookie. Congratulations to Cookie's owners, The Barel family from Rosh Pina. 
In the main ring, Styler won Best In Show 1 Veteran.
Judge of the day was Mr. Nikolay Sedykh from Russia.

                      Felly, Styler and Cookie on day before showFelly, Styler and Cookie on day before showStyler BOS and Cookie BOBStyler BOS and Cookie BOB


July 6, 2014
Very sad news! I was very shocked to hear that a dear FB friend from the Bedlington World, Marissa Galindo, passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Marissa was such a wonderful person and so young. She often sent me messages and always had good things to say. Just yesterday, she was still posting her usual kind messages and posts on FB. She was always positive. She was a true Bedlington lover, and she was always willing to help others. She was also soon to get a new Bedlington puppy from South Africa. She was so looking forward to it, and excited about her new puppy. This is just so sad and tragic. 
My sincere condolences reach out to her family and friends.
Rest In Peace dear Marissa.

One of Marissa's beautiful works of art, in her memoryOne of Marissa's beautiful works of art, in her memory

May 17, 2014
First show that we went to this year! We haven't been showing too much lately unfortunately. Just 2-3 times a year. But we went to the Lord International CACIB Show - Tel Mond, Israel. I handled 3 dogs at this show, two of my own, and one owned by the Hare family of Raanana, bred by Sharon Ames from England. In Champion Class females, Ch. Isotop's Felicia got Excellent, won Best Bitch. CW, GCAC, CACIB and became Best Of Opposite Sex.
Ch. Toolbox Freestyler (Styler) was entered in Veteran Class males and he got an Excellent and Best Veteran. In main ring, Styler won BIS 3 Veteran
Ch. Sharnor Gracious Gimli was entered in Champion Class males. And he too got an Excellent, CW, BD, GCAC, CACIB and Best Of Breed. Congratulations to Gimli's breeder, Sharon Ames and to his owners, the Hare family.
Also congratulations to my Felly and Styler's breeders in Sweden, Ann-Marie Byberg, Malin Eriksson and Eva Byberg.
Thank you to judge Annuka Paloheimo from Finland for the lovely critics.

January 5 and 27, 2014
Happy Birthday Felly and Styler! 
Both Felly and Styler turned 11 years old this month. I wish them many more happy and healthy years. Love them so much.

Felly and Styler both turned 11 years old this monthFelly and Styler both turned 11 years old this month

January 14, 2014
Below is a wonderful photograph of my Ch. Toolbox Freestyler aka Styler. This photo was one of the winners for the calendar of the Bedlington Terrier Wellness & Rescue Association. The photo appears on the August 2014 page of the calendar. I am so proud of my beautiful Styler boy.
Photographed and groomed beautifully by Irina Kuklikova.

 Winning photo of StylerWinning photo of Styler
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