During my six years whilst I worked at a zoo as a Primate and Great Ape Keeper, I had the pleasure of taking care of the well being and to love 8 beautiful and clever Orangutans. Unfortunately, we lost 3 beautiful, lovely and clever females, each because of completely different diseases.  I got so attached to them, something my boss never could understand. Losing them has been so hard, leaving empty holes in my heart. There isn't a single day that I don't think of my Grisella, Josje and Upitka. I still cry every now and then because of them passing away.  I really miss them so much. I will always love my Grisella, Jos and Upitka. Gone but never forgotten. Rest In Peace my 3 lovely girls. 

R.I.P. UPITA  -   July 6, 1985  -  May 24, 2017

R.I.P. JOSJE  -   Sep. 15, 1992  -  Jan. 14, 2017

R.I.P. GRISELLA  -  Jan. 30, 1977  -  Dec. 3, 2012

Socks was a little mixed breed we adopted as a puppy on Karmiel, Israel. Obviously someone just had dumped this beautiful puppy. He was such a clever dog and lived with us for over 17 years. Was a special boy. Rest in Peace my lovely clever boy. Socks, you will never be forgotten!

As a kid on Manof, in Israel, and one that loved animals, I bought myself a beautiful donkey, from Bedioun friends who live nearby.   I named  her Dinkey. I loved her and even though, she was very stubborn and did lots of naughty things on the moshav, I still had so much fun owning her, riding her now and then, chasing her when she managed to escape and looking after this special clever animal. Over the years, Dinkey gave birth to a beautiful donkey girl, which I named Dolly. I loved them a lot, as I do with all my animals. But when I finished school and had to go to the army, I had no choice but to find new homes for Dinkey and Dolly. Again a very hard time of my life. After that,  my memories of them remained in my heart. I never knew how long they both lived. But many years have passed. They have always been a happy memorable part of my life.  Rest In Peace Dinkey and Dolly. Sorry I couldn't look after you forever. 

Pom Pom was my first Bedlington Terrier puppy I owned as a kid in South Africa. I didn't have Pom Pom for long  unfortunately. We got Pom Pom in 1977, I think , and already in 1978, my family immigrated to Israel. Not knowing conditions in our new home, and what Israel will be like for dogs, we sold Pom Pom back to some breeder in South Africa. We never remembered to who and over the years, I always dreamed about owning a Bedlington again and becoming the first Israeli breeder of Bedlington Terriers in Israel. Pom Pom was never forgotten, and was my inspiration for getting more Bedlingtons in the future. Have no idea when Pom Pom died, but it is clear that Pom Pom passed over the rainbow bridge many years ago.  Rest In Peace my forever Bedlington puppy, Pom Pom. Will never forget you!

Fishy (Wee wee) our family cat in South Africa.  The only cat I really loved.  Grew up with me as a kid and lived a long happy life. Rest In Peace beautiful Fishy. 

Me with my cat, Fishy, and Bedlington Pom Pom in 1978Me with my cat, Fishy, and Bedlington Pom Pom in 1978

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