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The walls of the Old City of Jerusalem at night. Tower is part of the Tower Of David.

The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem. Here you can find amongst the many animals, also plants and animals mentioned in the Bible. Here are some beautiful Flamingos.

And a few Fruit Bats.


And a "Noah's Ark". Here inside, you can see a film of the Ark flying into the zoo, and Noah and all the animals coming out. A lot of the animals that are actually in the zoo. Noah appears as a cartoon character.

Still in the gardens of the Biblical Zoo of Jerusalem. The zoo was actually my first place to visit in Jerusalem. And first time I have actually been here to this zoo. I love zoos and try go to every zoo in every town I go to around the world.

Western Wall. (Wailing Wall) and Temple Mount in background. The Western Wall is today the holiest place for Jews around the world. This is all that remains of the Temple that was once the center of Jewish worship. The temple, which was the holiest place for Jews, no longer exists. The Western Wall Plaza is a vast, open-air synagogue that is the preferred place to pray for Jews worldwide. Besides praying, they often put notes in the cracks of the wall asking for forgiveness, and asking God to look after their families etc, and all sorts of wishes.

This is in the Western Wall (The Kotel) tunnels, which is a continuation of the Western Wall. It is underground today, since above that area, are buildings that are part of the Moslem Quater in the Old City. So Basically, the Kotel Tunnels are below the Moslem Quater.

More of The Western Wall Tunnels. In some part of the tunnel, the place is even more sacred to the Jews than the actual Western Wall, since that specific area is the closest spot to where the Temple once was.

The Western Wall at night.

A view of Temple Mount and the Old City.

This is next to the area of The Western Wall, looking up to buildings in the Jewish Quater of the Old City Of Jerusalem.

There are 8 Gates in the Wall around the Old City, going into the Old City of Jerusalem. The main gates are the Jaffe Gate, entered from Mamilla-Agron Str. or Jaffe road, and the Damascus Gate or Shchem Gate, which is the most beautiful one. This is one of the other gates.

This is another one of the Gates to the Old City. I believe this is the Dung Gate, closest to the Western Wall.

And this is the Damascus Gate (Sha'ar Schem)

And another Gate. I think the Zion Gate. Again, someone that knows Jerusalem better than me, is welcome to comment and correct me. Anyway, the Zion Gate is Located in the south, and this gate was used by the Israel Defense Forces in 1967 to enter and capture the Old City. The stones surrounding the gate are still pockmarked by weapons fire. This entrance leads to the Jewish and Armenian quarters.

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